"A winged turtle that appears in underground tombs and has grown a horn due to the stimulation of demonic aura. Despite its weak constitution, it is extremely aggressive and tends to appear in groups."

Horned Beetle is an enemy found in Longling Tomb.

Elite Beetle is capable of summoning groups of Horned Beetles during battle.

Their only attack is to strike you in melee, dealing low amounts of damage. Due to this, they will always charge straight towards you.

Horned Beetles are extremely weak on their own, having very low health. Usually a single shot of Foundry.png Foundry is enough to kill one.

Their main strengths are their small size making it harder to hit with most weapons, along with the fact they tend to appear in swarms. However any weapon or skill with an area of effect will make quick work of them.

Unlocks[edit | edit source]

Horned Beetle will unlock the following items:

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