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Reincarnation is a Difficulty that can make the game extremely difficult, while also introducing several new mechanics to the game.

Upon completing Nightmare difficulty, the 1st level of Reincarnation will unlock. Completing the 1st level will unlock the 2nd, and so on. There are a total of 8 levels that can be unlocked, each one being harder than the last.

Unlocking the next level can be done by finishing the run in either Duo Fjord or Hyperborean Jokul. However failing the run at any point, even in Hyperborean Jokul, will not unlock the next difficulty.

In Multiplayer, players can join groups on a higher Reincarnation level than they have unlocked. If they complete the run, they will unlock all previous levels and difficulties they do not have, as well as the next one if any.

  • This means that completing a Reincarnation 8 will unlock all difficulties, including Elite and Nightmare.


There are a number of changes compared to other difficulties.

  • Spiritual Remnant will appear at the start of each act. They offer 1 of 3 spiritual blessings that can be purchased with Soul Essence.png Soul Essence?.
  • Phantom Peddler will randomly appear in stages, similar to the Peddler or Craftsman. They offer 3 enhanced weapons and 1 enhanced scroll that can be purchased with Soul Essence.png Soul Essence?.
  • Enemy Health.png Health? and Shields.png Shields?/Armor.png Armor? is even higher, based on the Reincarnation level and act.
  • Enemy damage is even higher, based on the Reincarnation level.
  • Normal enemies have higher chance to drop Soul Essence.png Soul Essence?, based on the Reincarnation level. Elite enemies and bosses are unaffected.
Modifier Lv.1 Lv.2 Lv.3 Lv.4 Lv.5 Lv.6 Lv.7 Lv.8
Act 1 Health.png Health? 2.9x 3.4x 3.9x 4.4x 4.9x 5.4x 5.9x 5.9x
Act 2 Health.png Health? 3.4x 4.4x 5.4x 6.4x 7.4x 8.4x 9.4x 9.4x
Act 3 Health.png Health? 4.0x 5.6x 7.2x 8.8x 10.4x 12.0x 13.6x 13.6x
Act 4 Health.png Health? 4.0x 5.6x 7.2x 8.8x 10.4x 12.0x 13.6x 13.6x
Act 1 Damage 2.1x 2.4x 2.7x 3.0x 3.3x 3.6x 3.9x 3.9x
Act 2 Damage 2.0x 2.2x 2.4x 2.6x 2.8x 3.0x 3.2x 3.2x
Act 3 Damage 2.02x 2.24x 2.46x 2.68x 2.90x 3.12x 3.34x 3.34x
Act 4 Damage 2.02x 2.24x 2.46x 2.68x 2.90x 3.12x 3.34x 3.34x
Soul Essence.png Soul Essence? from normal enemies 1.25x 1.30x 1.35x 1.40x 1.45x 1.50x 1.55x 1.55x

Reincarnation 8[]

Reincarnation 8 adds even more changes to gameplay compared to other Reincarnation levels.

  • Multiple challenge events can appear in each act, and even multiple times per stage. Each bonus challenge event grants Soul Essence.png 10? instead of its usual reward.
  • Boss stages will always have a challenge event.
  • Various incredibly dangerous challenge events can appear, making certain rooms significantly harder.
Reincarnation 8 Challenges
Found In Challenge Extra Notes
Longling Tomb All enemies transform into Horsehead or Horned Beetle upon being defeated.
Anxi Desert All enemies transform into Dark-faced Bandit or Desert Boar upon being defeated.
Attacks from monsters always trigger Elemental Effects! After using Dash/Primary Skill or defeating enemies, all Elemental Effects you receive will be removed and you gain immunity to all Elemental Effects for 1s!
Duo Fjord All enemies transform into White Shark or Exploding Lantern Spirit upon being defeated.
All enemies become Nihilation Monk!
Hyperborean Jokul All enemies transform into Mountain Guard or Arctic Walrus upon being defeated.
Longling Tomb and Anxi Desert +50% DMG to enemies within 12m, and only deal 1 DMG to enemies beyond 12m. Forces players to get very close to defeat enemies.
Longling Tomb, Anxi Desert and Duo Fjord 60% of the DMG an enemy takes will take effect in the next 6s instead of immediately. The enemy will be exempted from remaining DMG that hasn't taken effect, once it deals DMG to a player. Direct damage is reduced to 40%. 10% of the damage you would've done is dealt every second as True.png True? damage, over 6 seconds. Hazards such as explosive barrels will still deal all damage instantly.
Enemies gain a large movement speed bonus upon taking DMG, but the bonus will decay quickly.
Longling Tomb, Duo Fjord and Hyperborean Jokul Enemies have become enhanced! Players gain [Copycat] temporarily!
Anxi Desert, Duo Fjord and Hyperborean Jokul Innumerable elite monsters are coming! 2 to 5 elites appear, based on player count. Always rewards a Goblet.png Goblet and legendary scroll. Common enemies do not spawn.

If RoyalGuard.png Royal Guard is active, this event will be guaranteed to happen at end of stage but not anywhere else.
Enemies will be instantly defeated by a Crit Hit with Foundry. -90% DMG dealt with any other weapon. Damage reduction also applies to skills. Foundry.png Foundry delivers an True.png Instant Kill? upon crit, however the damage is exactly the enemy's remaining Health.png Health? and Shields.png Shields?/Armor.png Armor? instead of 999,999.
All Acts Weapons won't trigger Burning.png Burning?/Shock.png Shock?/Decay.png Decay? in this area. The limited effect will be changed upon using Dash.png Dash. Only prevents 1 elemental effect at any time. Element share(full text) can still apply the effect from the other weapon.
The more types of Elemental Effects on one enemy, the less DMG it will take. Each elemental effect applied to an enemy (not fusion effects) reduces the damage they take by -15%, up to -45%.
When keep dealing Weapon DMG or Skill DMG, the DMG dealt will decrease gradually. This effect will disappear if the other kind of DMG is dealt. Each hit of a weapon or skill (once per second) grants a stack which reduces damage of the same type by -8%, up to -80%. Damage from Ascensions, Occult Scrolls and certain Inscriptions also count as skill damage.
Increase hero's movement speed, but take DMG equivalent to 10% of your total HP upon using Dash. Damage taken is based on current Health.png Health? and Shields.png Shields?/Armor.png Armor?, dealing less damage the more injured you are.

Spiritual Remnant[]

Spiritual Remnant in act 1

Spiritual Remnant are mushroom-like humanoids which appear in the starting stage of each act. Interacting with them will allow you to purchase a spiritual blessing with Soul Essence.png Soul Essence?, which will grant a bonus for the rest of the run. A player can carry up to 3 spiritual blessings.

The Spiritual Remnant at Longling Tomb allows players to refresh the selection up to 99 times for Soul Essence.png 10?, increasing the cost by 10 each time. Otherwise in solo play, by restarting the game from saved state, the selection will also change.

The Spiritual Remnant in Hyperborean Jokul seems to be frozen and will not respond.

Only 1 of 3 offered spiritual blessings can be purchased from each Spiritual Remnant.

Spiritual Blessings available to all Heroes
Blessing Description Soul Essence.png Cost? Extra Notes
A Good Man
Reviving a teammate or being revived grants you +2%/s HP recovery, +5% Movement Speed, and +30% Weapon and Skill DMG for 180s. (Up to 10 stacks) 30 Only available in Multiplayer.
Get 2,000 Copper.png Copper? immediately. +50% all copper gained. 30 The instant copper gain is affected by Talent Money Maker.png Money Maker, giving it a chance to be doubled to 4,000 copper.
Endless Assault
Gain a secondary skill use every 3s. 30
Ultimate Firearm
There's a 40% chance to drop an enhanced weapon. 60 Affects only enemy weapon drops, not weapons sold by Peddlers.
Skill Freak
The secondary skill deals double DMG. 60 Grants +100% multiplicative damage.
Field Proficiency
Gain +5% Lucky Shot Chance and -5% Dash/Primary Skill cooldown every time you kill, or assisted in killing an elite monster/boss (including the ones you killed before acquiring this spiritual blessing). 60
Supreme Craftsman
You can reroll all inscriptions of a weapon at the craftsman. Each craftsman can reroll up to 3 times. 60 Each weapon gets its own 3 rerolls at each craftsman. Price to reroll is Copper.png 20? * weapon level * inscription amount. Second reroll costs +30% more, and third reroll costs +60% more.
Upon killing (or having a kill assist on) an enhanced monster, you obtain their enhanced effects, which lasts for some time. Different enhanced effects will be applied at the same time while the same effect will have the duration refreshed. 60 Each enhancement lasts 60 seconds, with the exception of Immortal, which only lasts 15 seconds.
  • Fiery/Lightning/Corrosive: +50% specified elemental damage, guaranteed specified elemental effect.
  • Healing/Bleed: Recover 5% Health.png Health? every second.
  • Immortal: Health.png Health? is fixed at 1 when taking lethal damage.
  • Defensive/Armored: -20% damage taken.
  • Resistive: Gain immunity to any elemental effect. Note: Disables the elemental bonuses from the spiritual blessing Painkiller (like Flame/Lightning/Corrosion Shard does)
  • Shielding: +50% Max Shields.png Shield?/Armor.png Armor?.
  • Loyal: None.
  • Aggressive: -50% primary skill cooldown.
  • Agile: +50% Movement Speed.png Movement Speed.
  • Powerful: +50% damage.
  • Robust: +50% Max Health.png Health?.
Craftsman's Inheritor
You can upgrade/reforge/etch/reroll weapons for free, but you can only own up to 20 non-cursed scrolls. 60 Having more than 20 scrolls upon purchasing the blessing will cause random scrolls to be dropped on the ground until only 20 remain in your inventory.
Eye of Providence.png
Eye of Providence
Vaults and Peculiar Chests are visible on the minimap, and you will be able to acquire one extra Peculiar Chest every act. 90 Only 1 player can have the blessing. Effect will still stay even if the player who has the blessing leaves the game.

Peculiar Chests are also known as red or golden chests. The chest will always appear at the start of a boss stage.
Steady Profit
You can purchase 2 Enhanced Occult Scrolls from Phantom Peddler. 90 Replaces one of the enhanced weapons with an enhanced scroll, guaranteeing an extra scroll for each phantom peddler you find.
Obtain a random elemental effect upon taking DMG, and convert all negative elemental effects applied to the hero to bonus with opposite effects. 90 Burning.png Burning? will heal you (including Shields.png Shields?/Armor.png Armor?), Shock.png Shock? will reduce damage taken and Decay.png Decay? will increase movement speed.

Note: Flame Shard.png Flame Shard, Lightning Shard.png Lightning Shard and Corrosion Shard.png Corrosion Shard disable the ability to benefit from Burning.png Burning?, Shock.png Shock? and Decay.png Decay?, respectively. Snow Boots.png Snow Boots however does not disable benefiting from Decay.
+150% Weapon and Skill DMG, -30% Cooldown, +30% Movement Speed, +30 Max HP and Max Shield/Armor. For every Occult Scroll you carry, -3.3% total bonus mentioned above. 90 Each scroll (including cursed ones) held lowers the bonus by 5% weapon/skill DMG, 1% cooldown, 1% Movement Speed.png Movement Speed, 1% max Health.png Health? and 1% max Shields.png Shield?/Armor.png Armor?. Has no effect when owning 30 or more scrolls. Scrolls can be dropped to regain some of the bonus.
Occult Booster.png
Occult Booster
There is a 20% chance for any scroll to become their enhanced version when offered by a chest/dropped rewards. 90 Also affects Peddlers. Scrolls are shown as their enhanced version before being obtained from green chests or bought from Peddlers, allowing choices to be made before taking a scroll.
Fake Death
Instead of falling immediately upon taking lethal DMG, you can enter a state of "Fake Death" for 10s, and you won't fall during this state. Killing any enemy will end the state early. (Cooldown 120s) 120 When activated a bar appears on your screen, showing you the time you have left and prompting you to kill an enemy. You must kill an enemy before the duration ends, otherwise you will automatically die.

Teleporting is disabled while it's active, and you are automatically saved when a vault or main level is completed.
Ultimate Gambler
You can refresh all available ascensions once per Goblet.png Goblet. 120
Royal Guard
Guarantees elite monster at the end of a pre-BOSS stage. 150 Only 1 player can have the blessing. Elites will be lost if the player who has the blessing leaves the game.

In Anxi Desert, Duo Fjord and Hyperborean Jokul it instead enforces the challenge event "Innumerable elite monsters are coming!", which causes 2-5 elites to appear instead of regular enemies, with a guaranteed Goblet.png Goblet and legendary occult scroll reward, to trigger at the end area, but not anywhere else.

Can be extremely effective with FieldProficiency.png Field Proficiency, especially in multiplayer.
Spiritual Blessings restricted to specific Heroes
Blessing Description Soul Essence.png Cost? Restricted Hero Extra Notes
Splinter Orb
When casting Energy Orb.png Energy Orb, an additional energy orb will be launched respectively to the left and right of the main one at the same time. -1s Energy Orb cooldown for every enemy hit by an Energy Orb. 60 Crown Prince Icon Square.png Crown Prince Cooldown can be reduced multiple times with all 3 orbs and with additional hits from Energy Bolt.png Energy Bolt, even against the same enemy.
Smogbound Zone
+40% Smoke Grenade.png Smoke Grenade effective range, +5s duration; -20% DMG taken when you or your teammate is in the area of a smoke grenade. 120 Crown Prince Icon Square.png Crown Prince The damage reduction is applied to teammates within the smoke as well.
Elemental Maestro
Gain a buff for 4s every 10s. Grants +100% Elemental DMG and guarantees Elemental Effects with the buff. 150 Crown Prince Icon Square.png Crown Prince
Elemental Orb.png
Elemental Orb
Dealing Weapon DMG will create an Elemental Orb (CD: 3s). The type of elemental orb changes when reloading. +5% Elemental DMG for 10s (up to 25 stacks) and -0.1s CD for Elemental Orb when defeating an enemy affected by an Elemental Effect. 150 Crown Prince Icon Square.png Crown Prince Causes elemental balls similar to Elemental orb on crit(full text) to appear on hit. Reloading will switch what element appears, from Fire.png Fire?, Corrosion.png Corrosion?, Lightning.png Lightning? and repeat.

Elemental orbs can inflict Elemental Effects, granting easy access to fusion effects. Enemy kills after the first grant 2 stacks. Stacking bonus grants up to +125% elemental damage and -2.5s elemental orb cooldown.
Weapon Genius.png
Weapon Genius
-50% Dual-Wield.png Dual-Wield cooldown. +75% Lucky Shot Chance, and Weapon 1 & 2 share their highest weapon level while Dual-Wielding. 150 Ao Bai Icon Square.png Ao Bai Allows only upgrading 1 weapon while keeping both effective. Combined with Sharpshooter.png Sharpshooter, it is possible to reset the cooldown of Dual-Wield instantly as long as it is ended early enough. When activated, weapons with actual upgrade lower than +5 can also be etched with Gemini Inscriptions, if the other weapon is +5 or higher.
Atomic Bomb
When using a secondary skill, there is a 30% chance to toss all remaining without consuming uses. +50% Explosive Grenade.png Explosive Grenade DMG for 1s (stackable) every time any grenade deals DMG. 120 Ao Bai Icon Square.png Ao Bai Grenades will be thrown in an extremely rapid fashion when the effect activates. The stackable damage bonus applies regardless of whether the effect activates or not.
Battle Scarred
-1% DMG taken for every 2% Health.png HP? you have. Also, if HP is less than 75%, recover 5% HP per second. 150 Ao Bai Icon Square.png Ao Bai
One Dog Army
When not Dual-Wield.png Dual-Wielding, +150% weapon and skill DMG, -20% DMG taken and +3%/s HP recovery. 150 Ao Bai Icon Square.png Ao Bai
Life Power.png
Life Power
+2%/-2% Weapon DMG for every 1 HP restored/lost. The bonus is affected by Max HP, and will not below 0%. 150 Ao Bai Icon Square.png Ao Bai Bonus starts at 0%. Any healing (even when actual health is full) will grant the bonus, up to your maximum Health (or 1 fewer when used with Sanguine Relic.png Sanguine Relic), however getting injured lowers the bonus again.
Unstoppable momentum.png
Unstoppable Momentum
For each enemy hit by a Leap.png Leap, +100% next Leap base DMG and gain a 5% chance to reset the cooldown (up to 10 stacks). Removes all stacks on a miss. 90 Qing Yan square.png Qing Yan Stacks do not decay over time. This allows Leap to gain much higher damage through constantly Leaping at enemies, however all stacks are lost when using Leap for a non-offensive reason.
Bladed Cleave
Cleave.png Cleave instantly kills normal/elite monsters with 25% HP or less, and bosses with 15% HP or less. +30% Cleave DMG for every remaining charge of Cleave. 120 Qing Yan square.png Qing Yan Triggers an True.png Instant Kill?. Increases Cleave base damage. Bonus damage is granted after using a secondary skill charge, resulting in 30% less damage than expected. Maximum damage can range anywhere between +60% and +1050% base damage.
When your current Health.png HP %? is greater than or equal to that of an enemy, deal additional 150% DMG to them; Otherwise, take 30% less DMG from them. 150 Qing Yan square.png Qing Yan
Double Tap.png
Double Tap
Deal Weapon DMG to the enemies to cause 1 extra damage based on the weapon's basic DMG. (CD: 1s) 150 Qing Yan square.png Qing Yan Hitting an enemy causes an entire shot's worth of damage to hit the target (with some exceptions), further boosted by any bonuses that applied to the triggering hit, such as Lucky Shots or Critical Hits.

Highly effective with Shotgun.png Shotguns, or other slow firing weapons that often miss projectiles.
Thunder & Glory
-50% Fatal Current.png Fatal Current Cooldown. For each enemy hit by a thunderbolt, +40% base DMG to the next thunderbolt for 10s. (Up to 30 stacks) 120 Lei Luo Icon Square.png Lei Luo Each stack refreshes all stacks. Maximum bonus is +1200% thunderbolt base damage. Bonus damage is actually multiplicative with Fulminous Zap.png Fulminous Zap.
High-Powered Arc
+150% base Chain Lightning.png Chain Lightning DMG for each increase to the maximum bounces of [Chain Lightning]. 90 Lei Luo Icon Square.png Lei Luo Damage increase is based on the maximum potential bounces, gaining +300% base damage by default. Tesla Coil.png Tesla Coil can increase the damage further, to up to +900%.
Lightning Messenger
After dealing a crit hit, inflict Shock.png Shock? effect on the inflicted enemy and all enemies within 3m; When Lei Luo attacks an enemy affected by Shock effect, increases Weapon and Skill DMG by 100%. 150 Lei Luo Icon Square.png Lei Luo Shock.png Shock? is applied only when enemies are not already shocked and when hitting an enemy's weak spot. Forced critical hits (such as Wait For Good.png Wait For Good) do not count.
Gradual Improvement.png
Gradual Improvement
Gain 1 stack of Gradual Improvement for Crit Hit, while reduce 1 stack for Non-Crit Hit. Each stack adds up 0.3x CritX (up to 30 stacks). 150 Lei Luo Icon Square.png Lei Luo Grants up to +9.0x CritX. Only 1 stack is gained/lost per shot, and only 1 crit is needed to gain a stack. Missing a shot entirely will not lose a stack.
Sword Mastery
+50% RoF while using Swords Out.png Swords Out, and you can stack Blade Heart even when Swords Out is on cooldown. 90 Tao Icon Square.png Tao
Blossom Enthusiast
-8 hits required to trigger Fatal Bloom.png Fatal Bloom additional DMG. 150 Tao Icon Square.png Tao Triples how often additional damage occurs, or makes it occur 5 times as often with Glowing Bloom.png Glowing Bloom 3.
Thorny Bloom
For every [Fatal Bloom] you gained, +40% [Fatal Bloom] Base DMG for 30s, up to 30 stacks. Deal one more Skill DMG to the enemy when the mark of [Fatal Bloom] vanishes. 120 Tao Icon Square.png Tao All stacks are refreshed when gaining a Fatal Bloom.png Fatal Bloom use. Picking up Grenade.png Supplies off the ground, Talent Battlefield Support.png Battlefield Support and Talent Long-lasting Bloom.png Long-lasting Bloom all count, making it extremely easy to refresh stacks.

Each use of Fatal Bloom gained grants 1 stack, letting certain things give multiple stacks.

The extra damage also applies when refreshing a mark, making hitting an already marked enemy deal double damage.
Ice Blade
Flying Swords deal an additional 10% of an enemy's current Health.png HP? as True.png True? DMG. (For elites/bosses, up to (5000 * the number of players in your squad) True DMG at most per hit). 150 Tao Icon Square.png Tao Normal enemies will always take 10% of their current Health per flying sword, making it extremely powerful against those with no Shields.png Shields?/Armor.png Armor?.
Reflects significant AoE DMG back to all enemies within 10m upon taking DMG or hitting an enemy with Hurtle.png Hurtle. 150 Qian Sui Icon Square.png Qian Sui Base damage is equivalent to the monster's damage, multiplied by 60. Can be influenced by any bonus to skill DMG and general DMG (such as Dual-edge.png Dual-edge).

Works even when you take no damage, such as when Tidal Aspis.png Tidal Aspis is active. Does not work from self-inflicted damage or Hazards. Hurtle.png Hurtle damage is not multiplied by 60.
Dominating Fist.png
Dominating Fist
The stacks of [Fist Sensation] won't drop below 20. 150 Qian Sui Icon Square.png Qian Sui Fist Sensation will always have 20 stacks additive with other effects.
Libra Warrior.png
Libra Warrior
[Fist Sensation] grants extra weapon DMG which is equivalent to 100% of the bonuses to Striking Punch. 150 Qian Sui Icon Square.png Qian Sui By default, Fist Sensation grants +5% Striking Punch.png Striking Punch per stack, which will also grant +5% weapon damage as well. Rogue Wave.png Rogue Wave can increase the bonus to up to +20% per stack.
Tsunami Punch.png
Tsunami Punch
+2 Tidal Aspis.png Tidal Aspis charges. Retract the Aspis to cause Weapon DMG once. +300% DMG from Aspis retraction. 150 Qian Sui Icon Square.png Qian Sui The retracting attack when ending Tidal Aspis deals +300% damage, multiplicative with everything else.

Additionally it will inflict 1 shot from the currently held weapon, also receiving +300% damage, and receiving any bonuses such as multiple hits, Lucky Shots and the weapon's Elemental Effect and/or Inscriptions.

Phantom Peddler[]

Phantom Peddler.png

Phantom Peddler may randomly appear in stages of the game, except for starting stages and boss stages. Interacting with them will allow you to purchase 3 enhanced weapons and 1 enhanced scroll with Soul Essence.png Soul Essence?.

Phantom Peddler's wares are unaffected by Talent Haggle.png Haggle, Talent Dazzling Treasures.png Dazzling Treasures, Talent New Look.png New Look and unenhanced On the House.png On the House.

Enhanced occult scrolls either have a stronger effect and/or their downsides are reduced. Their details can be found on the Occult Scroll page. You cannot carry both an unenhanced and enhanced scroll of the same type at once. Attempting to do so will automatically drop the unenhanced version (or destroy it if it cannot be discarded).

Enhanced weapons have a prefix, which increases 1 stat by a varying amount. Their price varies based on the stage, ranging from 30 to 75 Soul Essence.png Soul Essence?.

Prefix Effects
Prefix Effect Minimum Bonus Maximum Bonus Other Notes
Fierce Increases base damage. +30% +45%
Agile Increases rate of fire. +20% +30%
Nimble Decreases reload time. -20% -40%
Expanded Increases magazine capacity. +40% +60%
Critical Increases CritX. +0.8x +1.1x Increase is additive, not multiplicative.
Multiple Increases average projectiles. +20% +30%
Lucky Increases lucky shot chance. +40% +60%
Elemental Increases elemental effect chance. +60% +80% Stacks additively with other sources of elemental effect chance bonuses.